A Book To Be Used, Not Read.


Most books are meant to be read. ABSolution! is not that kind of book. ABSolution! is meant to be used. Rather, think of it as a workbook. Use this book to improve core stability and strength, prevent or rehabilitate injuries, decrease pain, improve posture and balance, and increase energy. ABSolution! is designed for everyday people who want to safely strengthen core muscles for optimum function and, in the end, realize real fitness results! How does ABSolution! keep it simple?


Short, step-by-step, bullet point instructions, no lengthy paragraphs

Clear pictures to follow and imitate

Pre-designed workouts for every ability level

Record your progress on the same page as the exercise and/or on workout sheets

Communicate with your trainer or healthcare professional using the “Approved” check box

Workout at home! Minimal to no equipment required for all exercise

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