Business Description

One of the most common terms currently used in the Healthcare Industry is “functional”. Medicare has new “functional codes”. Physical therapists develop “functional goals”. Patient movement patterns are described in terms of “functional limits.” But what does it mean to be “functional”?

At AGADA Physical Therapy & Integrative Health Center, we believe “functional” means being able to do the activities you love to do, at a level where you can truly enjoy them. With that in mind, our innovative, personalized approach is specifically designed to help you reach these goals. AGADA Physical Therapy & Integrative Health Center has flexible appointment times and durations to fit your busy schedule.


Whether you enjoy leisurely walks in the park, or strive to compete at high level sports, AGADA Physical Therapy & Integrative Health Center will provide the quality, individualized care you need and deserve to reach your functional goals, and live life to the fullest!  

Life is Motion! If it hurts to move, we can help!