Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my appointment take?

This depends on what service you are selecting. Each service on has a time frame listed. Generally, an initial physical therapy evaluation (first visit) will last approximately 60 minutes. The follow-up sessions can run between 30-60 minutes depending on your selection. Dry needling appointments are 30 minutes long.

Do you accept my insurance?

AGADA Physical Therapy & Integrative Health Center is a therapy provider for nearly all Minnesota and Western Wisconsin’s local private health plans, state and federal government plans, and worker’s compensation plans. We have provider contracts as a member of Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI) in Maplewood, Minnesota. You can view a complete list of health plans (insurance companies) for which AGADA Physical Therapy & Integrative Health Center is a provider by clicking here. 

You should always check with your health plan for specific details about your coverage, and it’s a good idea to check to see if your plan requires a physician referral to qualify for payment.

How much does each visit cost?

The cost for visits that are billed through your insurance will vary based on the exact treatment needed.

Our average charge for an initial evaluation is $250

Our average charge for follow-up visits ranges from $150$175
Your health plan will likely pay a vast majority of the allowable amount charged based on our contracted rates with them. 

Patients who select to pay cash at the time of service receive a discount due to less administrative and billing costs.

What Should I Bring?

Insurance Card, Driver’s License

Doctor’s referral (if you have one).

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow for the body part needing treatment to be exposed if necessary (ie. shorts, loose pants, tee shirt, athletic shoes, etc.)

Who do I contact regarding my bill?

Please call our billing office at 877-288-2162.

How many appointments should I make?

The number and frequency of visits will be determined by you and your physical therapist after your first visit.



Monday    8:00 AM-7:00 PM
Tuesday    7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Wednesday  8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Thursday  8:00 AM-7:00 PM
Friday       7:00 AM-4:00 PM

If you cannot find a time that works for your schedule, please email Swen at, or call 952-303-4550 to see if another time can be arranged.