• Varun V., Minnetonka

    "I was having some lower back pain that eventually led to numbness and tingling down my left leg. Eventually it got to the point where the symptoms were occurring every day and it had to be addressed. A friend had recommended Swen, and after one visit with her 90% of my symptoms were gone after a week. She gave me some exercises and worked with me over a 4-week period and now I am symptom-free! Thanks so much for all your help, Swen!  You rock!"

  • Julie S., Wayzata

    “I brought my daughter Abbie to Swen for scapular dyskinesis based on a good friends referral. Swen combined hands-on muscle work with the PT exercises that were needed to address Abbie’s shoulder pain. Abbie loves coming and knows that Swen thoroughly understands her injury and her goals to get back to playing volleyball and softball at a top level. Swen is so wonderful to work with and have recommended her services to other athletes!”

  • Ken C., Minnetonka

    Right from the start, Swen Germann impressed me with her efficient, professional manner and her knowledge of my back problems. Swen took time to listen and explain, in detail, why I was having such pain. This impressed me; no one had ever taken the time to explain. With her highly skilled knowledge she showed me ways to strengthen areas of my body that would aid in results I was looking for. This has been a very positive experience.

  • Pattie K.

    "I was referred by my Musculoskeletal Doctor to see Swen Germann for much needed PT due to lower arthritic back pain. He said she was the "best of the best" and I totally agree. Both Swen and her associate Megan are very knowledgeable as well as efficient helping me with different techniques and stretching exercises and feel  that I am well on my way to having much relief with my discomfort. Thank you Swen and Megan."

  • Jill C., Deephaven

    "Swen is great! I came to her with multiple injuries that kept me from playing volleyball, a sport I love. She worked with me to get me back to playing. She gave me exercises that progressed as I got stronger, and we ran through them at every appointment. When I do them on my own at home, I am confident that I'm doing them correctly. Now I'm back playing volleyball and I have a list of exercises that will keep my body strong and less injury-prone. Swen really knows her stuff and knows how to work with athletes."

  • Kelly A., Minnetonka

    "I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis, and eventually a torn plantar fascia, for over a year when I found out about Swen and dry needling. By that time, I had tried, literally, everything I, or any medical professional I saw, could think of to help my plantar fasciitis pain. The FIRST and ONLY treatment that has had a legitimate, lasting, positive effect on my plantar fasciitis is dry needling. Points in my foot that had felt like I was walking on knives for months disappeared in a matter of days after seeing Swen for my first treatment. Nothing else compares to the speed and effectiveness of Swen's dry needling technique when it comes to foot pain! After a year of not being able to so much as take a walk without throbbing pain in my heel, I am finally on my way back to running after just two dry needling sessions with Swen. I can't believe I didn't find out about this sooner."